Seriously Fusionz 100ml Shortfill E-Liquid

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Product Overview

Uncap Flavour Horizons with Seriously Fusionz Vape Juice

Ditch the ordinary and dive into a kaleidoscope of taste with Seriously Fusionz! These 100ml e-liquid masterpieces aren't just flavours, they're journeys. Craving sweet-tart zing? Cherry Sour Raspberry awaits. Yearning for luxurious grape decadence? Fantasia Grape beckons. Seeking a refreshing summer escape? Strawberry Watermelon Ice chills you out. Prefer a berry medley with an icy kick? Triple Berry Ice delivers. Feeling adventurous? Tropical Ice Blast whisks you away. For sophisticated elegance, White Peach Lemon is your haven. Each crafted with a smooth, 70VG blend for maximum flavour impact, Seriously Fusionz is where your taste buds find their next adventure. Unleash your inner explorer, one delicious puff at a time.

Fusionz Frenzy: 6 Seriously Addictive E-Liquids!

Cherry Sour Raspberry

Indulge in the rich tapestry of flavours with Seriously Fusionz Cherry Sour Raspberry, an exquisite blend that strikes a perfect balance between the deep, tart sweetness of cherries and the sharp, invigorating zest of fresh raspberries. This 100ml e-liquid masterpiece is a symphony of taste, delivering a bold, flavour-packed vaping experience with every puff. Its 70VG blend ensures a smooth, velvety vapor production, enhancing the vivid, mouth-watering fruit sensations.

Fantasia Grape

Savour the lush, sophisticated essence of Seriously Fusionz Fantasia Grape, where the luxurious, sweet profiles of ripe grapes are captured with unparalleled fidelity. Each inhale is like a dive into a pool of rich, succulent grape flavours, underscored by subtle, aromatic notes that elevate the vaping experience. The 70VG composition promises a creamy, substantial cloud, carrying with it every nuance of this flavour-packed, 100ml e-liquid.

Strawberry Watermelon Ice

Refresh your senses with Seriously Fusionz Strawberry Watermelon Ice, a harmonious blend where the juiciness of fresh strawberries and the succulence of ripe watermelons meet an icy cool exhale. This 100ml e-liquid is an oasis of flavour, offering a crisp, rejuvenating vape that perfectly encapsulates the essence of both fruits, enhanced by a frosty finish. Its 70VG ratio ensures a silky-smooth vape, bursting with vibrant, tantalizing flavours.

Triple Berry Ice

Embark on a flavour journey with Seriously Fusionz Triple Berry Ice, a dynamic concoction blending the sweet, tangy nuances of mixed berries with a refreshing icy undertone. This 100ml e-liquid is a feast for the senses, offering a layered, complex array of berry flavours that unfolds with each vape. The high VG content guarantees a smooth, rich cloud of vapor, making each puff a deeply satisfying, full-bodied flavour experience.

Tropical Ice Blast

Experience the exhilarating burst of tropical flavours with Seriously Fusionz Tropical Ice Blast, a vibrant blend that combines exotic fruit essences with a chilling icy exhale. This 100ml e-liquid offers a blast of sweet, tangy, and refreshing flavours, reminiscent of a cool, tropical breeze. The 70VG formula enhances the sensory experience, delivering a smooth, flavourful vape with generous cloud production, perfect for those seeking a taste of the tropics.

White Peach Lemon

Delight in the subtle elegance of Seriously Fusionz White Peach Lemon, where the delicate, sweet notes of white peaches are perfectly complemented by the zesty, tangy twist of lemon. This 100ml e-liquid provides a sophisticated, nuanced vaping experience, with each inhale bringing a soft, fragrant bouquet of flavours, underscored by a bright, citrusy undertone. Crafted with a 70VG ratio, it ensures a balanced, flavourful vape with excellent vapor production.

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UK by Doozy

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