Loyalty Points

Our Loyalty Point Scheme:

Welcome to the page that will really reward you! The Vapourmate Loyalty Points page!

Unlike other website’s loyalty points pages, you won't find any flashy banners or colourful images to entice you into reading through what is, at first glance a tantalising prospect of earning points as you shop, only to ultimately find out that you would need to amass a massive amount of points to enable you to get a minuscule amount off a further purchase.

Well, that isn't how we roll. 

Here at Vapourmate we TRULY value your loyalty and wish to reward you in a manner befitting your continued custom. So no tricks here to draw you in, other than the amazing loyalty point scheme we offer, to you, our valued customer.

Interested? Read on……..

Let's not make you read all the way through this before finding out that Vapour Mate is going to give you an enormous 5% reward on points earned (yes, you read that correctly: 2.5%!).. That's more than virtually every other competitor out there!

What do I get?

  • For every £1 you spend you will earn 1 Point.
  • Points are worth 2.5% of purchases.
  • So, let's say you spend £500 pounds with us, we give you 500 Points for your custom. Cashing in those points will allow you to save £12.50p off your next purchase!
  • How do I get the points rolling in?
  • First of all you need to have an account with us and you need to be logged into your account every time you make a purchase to start earning those Cloud Points.
  • You earn Points every time you make a purchase with us
  • Of course, you can disburse your Points every time you make a purchase. Alternatively you can hoard them and spend them all in one go.
  • Points will appear in your account as soon as we have shipped your purchase.

That's it! Simple but incredibly rewarding. You see, we value your custom, which is why we are going above and beyond the normal weak efforts from others. We feel that if you shop with us you should be given the best loyalty scheme in the business. It's our way of saying ‘thank you’.