Friday, 7 July 2017  |  Chris

This is by far one of the best mino mod kits on the market...love it highly recomend

so far so good
Thursday, 6 July 2017  |  Iain

fits well on my vamo v7 power only needs 5.5-6.5w at the most so if you buy the kit you will burn your mouth and throat so be careful only been using it for two days but all seems ok.

Tuesday, 4 July 2017  |  Michael

Best Innokin device to date. Perfect size and loving the new 20700 batteries that came with it.

Monday, 3 July 2017  |  Deborah

Didn't find this flavour as strong as blueberry

Great Product
Wednesday, 28 June 2017  |  Joanne

My Husband absolutely loves it

Monday, 19 June 2017  |  Deborah

This is my favourite nice flavour would recommend this one very fast delivery would like to try melon flavour but can only see watermelon

Monday, 19 June 2017  |  Deborah

Not much of a flavour

Triple menthol
Thursday, 15 June 2017  |  Carole

not as good as menthol sensation liquid not a strong a flavour as I expected

Hangsen E-Liquid

With over 100 million bottles sold worldwide, Hangsen is the worlds number one selling brand of e-liquid. Hangsen have more than 1000 employees, supplying over 80 countries. No other manufacturer compares to Hangsen when it comes to knowledge or expertise in producing top quality, affordable TPD compliant e-liquids. Hangsens Atom series covers almost every type of flavour, ranging from Tobacco, Menthol, Fruit flavours and Beverages.  When it comes to Tobacco and Menthol you really don't have to look any further than Hangsen. Golden, Virginia Tobacco, USA Mix, Menthol Sensation are about as good as it gets to replicating the real thing. Note: All Atom Series E-Liquids contain 70% PG, which is only suitable for low powered e-cigarettes and vape pens.

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Hangsen Golden VI

Hangsen Golden VI£2.99  (1)

Hangsen Tobacco

Hangsen Tobacco£2.99  (1)

Hangsen Virginia Tobacco

Hangsen Virginia Tobacco£2.99  (4)

Hangsen Menthol

Hangsen Menthol£2.99

Hangsen Menthol Sensationl E-Liquid

Hangsen Menthol Sensationl E-Liquid£2.99  (2)

Hangsen Mint

Hangsen Mint£2.99

Hangsen  Banana

Hangsen Banana£2.99

Hangsen - Black Cherry

Hangsen - Black CherryFrom:  £2.99  (1)

Hangsen - Blackcurrant

Hangsen - Blackcurrant£2.99  (1)

Hangsen Blueberry

Hangsen Blueberry£2.99  (3)

Hangsen - Bubblegum

Hangsen - Bubblegum£2.99

Hangsen - Cherry Menthol

Hangsen - Cherry MentholFrom:  £2.99

Hangsen - Cinnamon

Hangsen - Cinnamon£2.99

Hangsen Coffee

Hangsen Coffee£2.99

Hangsen - Deluxe Tobacco

Hangsen - Deluxe TobaccoFrom:  £2.99

Hangsen - Fruit Mix

Hangsen - Fruit MixFrom:  £2.99

Hangsen - Grape

Hangsen - GrapeFrom:  £2.99  (1)

Hangsen - Green Mint

Hangsen - Green MintFrom:  £2.99

Hangsen - Ice Mint

Hangsen - Ice MintFrom:  £2.99

Hangsen - Lemon

Hangsen - LemonFrom:  £2.99

Hangsen - Lemon & Lime

Hangsen - Lemon & LimeFrom:  £2.99

Hangsen - Mango

Hangsen - MangoFrom:  £2.99

Hangsen Tobacco Mint

Hangsen Tobacco Mint£2.99

Hangsen - Mint Strawberry

Hangsen - Mint Strawberry£2.99

Hangsen - Mocha

Hangsen - MochaFrom:  £2.99

Hangsen - Orange

Hangsen - Orange£2.99

Hangsen - Peach

Hangsen - Peach£2.99

Hangsen - Peppermint

Hangsen - Peppermint£2.99

Hangsen - Pineapple

Hangsen - Pineapple£2.99

Hangsen - Raspberry

Hangsen - Raspberry£2.99

Hangsen - Red Cola

Hangsen - Red Cola£2.99

Hangsen - RY4

Hangsen - RY4£2.99  (1)

Hangsen - RY6 Tobacco

Hangsen - RY6 Tobacco£2.99

Hangsen - Strawberry

Hangsen - Strawberry£2.99  (1)

Hangsen - UK Tobacco

Hangsen - UK Tobacco£2.99

Hangsen - Vanilla

Hangsen - Vanilla£2.99

Hangsen - Watermelon

Hangsen - Watermelon£2.99  (1)

Hangsen Apple E-Liquid

Hangsen Apple E-Liquid£2.99

Hangsen Cherry 10ml E-Liquid

Hangsen Cherry 10ml E-LiquidFrom:  £2.99

Hangsen Red Energy

Hangsen Red Energy£2.99  (1)

Hangsen Spearmint

Hangsen Spearmint£2.99  (1)

Hangsen Triple Menthol

Hangsen Triple Menthol£2.99  (1)

Hangsen USA Mix E-Liquid

Hangsen USA Mix E-Liquid£2.99  (1)

Mint Blast E Liquid

Mint Blast E Liquid£2.99  (1)

Hangsen - Aniseed

Hangsen - Aniseed£2.99  (2)

Hangsen Genesis

Hangsen Genesis£29.99

AIO, 1500 mAh, Anti Dry Burn Sensor



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