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It's not hard to see why Hangsen e liquid is the worlds most popular and the best selling e liquid in the UK. With over 100 million bottles of e liquid sold worldwide Hangsen has more than 1000 employees, supplying over 80 countries worldwide, no other manufacturer compares to Hangsen when it comes to scale, knowledge or expertise in producing top quality, affordable TPD compliant e-liquids. Hangsen pride themselves as a company on natural extraction techniques in their tobacco and flavouring, so that means you’re getting a quality product that takes you closer to the real appeal of flavours rather than relying on synthetic techniques.

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Any Flavour from £1.69 

The High PG Atom Series of e-liquid covers almost every type of flavour, ranging from Tobacco and menthol flavours, to fruit and drink flavours . When it comes to Tobacco and Menthol you really don't have to look any further. Golden, Virginia Tobacco, USA Mix, Menthol Sensation are about as good as it gets to replicating the real thing. And from as low as £1.69 a 10ml bottle, you won't find a more cost effective, high quality e liquid anywhere.

Note: All Atom Series e-liquid contains 70% PG (Propylene Glycol) which is only suitable for low powered e-cigarettes and vape pens.

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Golden VGA E Liquid

Golden VGA E Liquid£2.99  (3)

Tobacco E-Liquid

Tobacco E-Liquid£2.99  (3)

Virginia Tobacco E Liquid

Virginia Tobacco E Liquid£2.99  (5)

Menthol E liquid by Hangsen

Menthol E liquid by Hangsen£2.99  (1)

Hangsen HS Menthol Sensation E Liquid

Hangsen HS Menthol Sensation E Liquid£2.99  (6)

Hangsen Mint

Hangsen Mint£2.99

Banana E liquid

Banana E liquid£2.99

Black Cherry E-Liquid

Black Cherry E-Liquid£2.99  (2)

Blackcurrant E Liquid

Blackcurrant E Liquid£2.99  (2)

Blueberry e liquid

Blueberry e liquid£2.99  (4)

Hangsen Cinnamon

Hangsen Cinnamon£2.99

Coffee E Liquid

Coffee E Liquid£2.99

Hangsen - Deluxe Tobacco

Hangsen - Deluxe Tobacco£2.99

Hangsen - Fruit Mix

Hangsen - Fruit Mix£2.99

Hangsen - Grape

Hangsen - Grape£2.99  (1)

Hangsen - Green Mint

Hangsen - Green Mint£2.99

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