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Hangsen Cherry

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Product Overview

Unfurl a Summertime Symphony: Hangsen Cherry E-Liquid - Where Sweetness Dances on Your Tongue

Trade in the shadows for sunshine, and let Hangsen Cherry whisk you away to a world where juicy orbs of joy burst with vibrant melody in every puff. This isn't just a flavour; it's a celebration of summer's bounty, a serenade to the senses, and a sweet escape painted in shades of crimson delight.

Prepare to waltz with the taste of summer:

  • Nature's Ruby Jewels, Kissed by the Sun: Imagine a sun-drenched orchard, where plump, ruby cherries shimmer like edible jewels against emerald leaves. Hangsen Cherry captures this essence, blending the vibrant sweetness of sun-ripened berries with a whisper of tartness, like a playful wink from a mischievous ray of sunshine.

  • A Symphony of Sweetness on the Tongue: Bite into a perfectly ripe cherry, and let the explosion of juicy sweetness flood your senses, followed by a whisper of tangy complexity. Hangsen Cherry recreates this experience with breathtaking authenticity, delivering a flavour that's both familiar and exhilaratingly new, dancing on your tongue with every inhale.

  • An Escape to Where Worries Melt Away: Banish the dull and embrace the vibrant. Whether you crave a midday burst of summer joy, a post-dinner serenade for your taste buds, or a refreshing companion for your summer adventures, Hangsen Cherry delivers a symphony of pure satisfaction. It's a sweet oasis where worries dissolve like clouds on a warm summer breeze.

Ready to let your taste buds take flight? Let Hangsen Cherry transport you to an orchard of endless summer days, where every puff is a burst of sweet temptation and carefree delight.

Reviews 3
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3 Reviews:

21 July 2020  | 

Brilliant and is definitely cherry

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Cherry hangmen liquid
20 July 2020  | 

Very good product half the price very pleased

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Great e liquid
06 July 2018  | 

Love most of the Hangsen flavours but CHerry is about the best one for me. 12mg give me a perfect throat hit but in cherry flavour instead of nasty cigs.


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