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At Vapourmate  we stock a wide range of Vapour Cigarette and E CIgarette Starter kits to bring you the very best vaping experience possible with a customer service that is second to none. We are constantly updating out range of products to bring you the very latest e cig starter kits on the market today. We pride ourselves on our service we give to each and every one of our customers.

If your shopping for your very first vaping kit but not quite sure what best needs your needs, then simply drop us an email and we will reply the same day with help and advice on choosing the best vapour cigarette for your vaping pleasure.

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What are Vapour Cigarettes?

Vapour Cigarettes are  electronic vaping devices designed to be used with various flavoured e-liquid to give smokers their nicotine fix and simulate the sensation of smoking without any of the cancerous carcinogens found in tobacco. The earliest electronic cigarettes resembled a normal tobacco cigarette, as they were short, thin and white with a small filter cartridge than contained nicotine. These e cigarettes were the beginning of what has become one of the worlds fastest growing industries.  Manufacturers such a Innokin, KangerTech, Aspire and many more have re-designed and developed many different variations of the vapour cigarette over the past 10 years or so, this has helped people understand that the e cigarette is not actually a smoking cessation device at all. Instead the e cig was made purely for smokers who want a healthier, more cost effective smoking alternative.

Vaping is better than Smoking

Designed specifically for use with a range of exciting tobacco flavours they offer the required boost of nicotine you desire; at the same time as replicating the genuine smoking experience – and all without the harmful fumes and damaging chemicals of tobacco cigarettes.
They do not contain tobacco, or produce smoke and nothing is flammable. What’s more; the UK smoking ban does not restrict the use of an vapour cigarette in public places – so you can use them anywhere!
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How do they work?

The  user draws on the part of the e cig where the e liquid is stored inside the cartridge/tank and either automatically, or utilizing the use of a button located on the battery part of the device, this triggers the battery which powers the atomizer.  The atomizer heats the e-liquid, turning it into vapour which is inhaled by the user, carrying the diluted nicotine to the lungs.

Are they legal in the UK?

Yes! In the UK e cigarettes are legal to advertise and sell both on-line and over the counter.
In the UK electronic cigarettes don't fall under the Medical Devices Directive nor do they fall under the Tobacco Products Directive. The UK
The Vapour Cigarette industry is regulated by Consumer Product Regulations such as CE and RHoS.
Because Electronic Cigarettes aren't regulated as a tobacco product it is completely legal to smoke anywhere, including establishments where the smoking ban is enforced, although you will find that some places, such as Wetherspoons and some universities, won't allow the electronic cigarettes to be used on their premises.