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Our expertise lies in all things vapour cigarette related. So whether it's your first purchase or your just looking to upgrade to one of the latest generation of vaping mods available, then you've come to the right place.

Vaping is by far the best alternative to smoking and Vapourmate aim to provide everyone from novice e-cigarette users to the most experienced vapers with the best vapour cigarette products on the UK market.

We offer the best possible range of quality vaping products to bring you the ultimate vaping experience, partnered with our great after sales customer service and speedy delivery which makes Vapourmate the best vapour cigarette store in the UK

Best E Cigarette UK

New to vaping?

So your ready to make the switch from tobacco to vapour cigarettes? but choosing your first ecig seems a little confusing? Or maybe your just looking to upgrade to something with a bit more performance? Well we are here to make it as simple as possible for you to decide which is the best one for you.

There are two main  designs when it comes to their actual appearance, ego style "pen shaped" and box mods "box shaped". The vast majority of new vapers start out using basic a ego style ecig because they are quite small,very easy to use and inexpensive. To use a basic ego style e-cigarette its just a matter of charging the battery and filling up clearomizer with e-liquid, it's that simple.


If your already using basic ego and your want something with a bit more vapour then you might want to consider an e-cigarette with variable wattage or variable voltage, these come in both ego style or box mod design.
Variable voltage and wattage gives the user full control of their vaping experience by allowing you to increase or decrease the power of the battery via a button or dial, enabling your vapour cigarette to produce more vapour, giving you a better nicotine hit.

Box Mods are becoming the number one choice for experienced vapers because they offer huge advantages over ego shaped vapour cigarettes. One of the main advantages is battery power,this is because the design of the unit allows for a larger capacity built-in or removable battery whilst keeping the unit small and compact. Box Mods are often used with a tank or clearomizer that enables you vape at a higher voltage or wattage unlike less powerful vapour cigarettes. Giving you the ultimate vaping experience.

Best E Cigarette UK

Best E-Cigarette Brands

Biggest Brands, Best Prices

Vapourmate stock the biggest and best brands from the worlds most reputable e-cigarette and e-liquid manufactures such as Innokin, KangerTech, Aspire, Element, Sigelei, Hangsen many more.

We take pride in providing you with only the best quality vaping products from the most reputable manufactures to ensure that you get the most satisfying vaping experience as possible, because we believe that when it comes to our customers, you deserve the very best service and finest vaping products available in the UK

Stocking only the best e cigarette brands ensures that you know what your getting is made to the highest possible standard and 100% genuine, as each kit comes with its own unique scratch code for you to verify the authenticity on the manufactures website.

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