Geek Vape Eagle RTA

Geek Vape Eagle RTA

Model:  GV-EGL-BL

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Geek Vape

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There have been some very good Sub Ohm Tanks released in recent times that house individual stock coils and there are some that didn’t quite hit the mark. Geekvape, however, being the pioneer’s that they are have took the Sub Ohm Tank to the next level, by creating the Eagle Sub Ohm Tank. This is most definitely a game changer in our eyes and vaper’s alike. The reason for this is because standard stock coils for sub ohm tanks only last so long before the coils gunk up and the cotton looks like its seen better days and no longer usable.

The Geekvape  Eagle Sub Ohm Tank has come up with an innovative idea of using hand built stock coils that are fully re-buildable, thus extending its their use far longer, giving you the option of throwing a new build in or just simply re-wicking, It vastly extends your vaping time overall on the same coil that easily screws into the base, ultimately saving you the vaper a few quid in not having to constantly buy replacements. With that being  said, the coils are well designed, housed in a ceramic cup with a stainless outer rim and they come in many variations. The last count was 13 dual  and 7 single stock coil options, all re-buildable in a hole host of different configurations ,for example, Clapton, Alien, Caterpillar, Twisted and standard Stainless Steel just to name a few give you optimum performance and a hassle free way of customising your vape experience without having to do anything other than screw it in to the base. Geekvape have really put a major effort into the diversity that the Eagle Sub Ohm Tank brings to the vaping table and the performance it deliver’s is absolutely flawless. On the eye the Geekvape Eagle Sub Ohm Tank looks similar to the super successful Griffin RTA and it matches up to it for performance. The flavour and clouds this little beauty delivers are absolutely stupendous and highly recommended by us as one of, if not thee most original Sub Ohm Tanks on the market to date.

Product includes

  • 1 x Eagle Sub Ohm Tank
  • 1 x HBC – S03  (Single Coil)
  • 1 x HBC – D04 (Dual Coil)
  • 1 x Replacement glass tube
  • 1 x Spare parts polybag

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